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Spring Detox

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Spring Rejuvenation Ritual

In order to achieve optimum health, a cleanse and reset of certain organs is recommended at a certain time of the year.
In spring, liver and gallbladder become more active. That’s why we encourage you to take some time to purify with the detox program we present you here.

The liver gallbladder flush is a method to cleanse liver and remove gallbladder stones. A liver and gallbladder flush, effectively and painlessly, removes stones or what appear to be gravel, crystals and debris that hinder healing and the ability to detoxify pollutants from the gallbladder and liver, and cleanses the liver bile ducts.

This flush can help to flush out your liver and give it a boost in detoxing your body, aswell eliminate dozens of irritating symptoms.

We all could use some liver maintenance! If you have a toxic, angry liver it can impact your health such as:

• Fatigue
• Weight gain or trouble losing weight
• Hormonal imbalance
• Anger or irritability
• Digestive issues like gas and bloating
• Dark circles under eyes
• Skin blemishes like blackheads and acne
• Food sensitives and allergies
• Sleep issues
• Brain fog

Some of the benefits of this protocole are :

• You can expect many or all of your allergies to disappear with repeated liver flushes.
• Eliminate pain
• Improved liver function and detox ability
• Better digestion
• Eliminate bloating
• More energy
• Better mental clarity

This cleanse is proposed in 3 steps :

1 . Preparation (PDF) - to activate this purification program we prepare the body for the flush by following precise instructions gathered by our expert detoxification specialist friend Malin, in a short PDF.

2 . Flush (AT HOME) - After three days of preparation, the body is now ready and open to eliminate the liver/gallbladder stones by “flushing” them out followed by a colonic to make sure all the stones get eliminated and not stuck. Make an appointment at your favorite center prior to the detox program.

3 . Ritual (WITH MASSEUSE) - Once the body is clear and light, receive an abdominal massage to enter the higher realms and increase the power of the cleanse by the hands of our therapist Unai. With the application of essential oils and cupping on the liver and digestive system, you will feel the deep transformation makings of this protocole, a unique masterpiece for hepatic health.

The price for this program is 130€ and it includes the PDF Guide and a Massage.

Click link in option 1

Colonics are booked individually at the center of your preference and it is an essential part of the treatment. Do not forget to book in advance.
For our friends abroad the island of Ibiza, we encourage you to follow the detox program and try to find an abdominal massage therapist and colonics in your city. Click link in option 2

Do not hesitate to write in case you have questions about this product.

Best wishes

Malin & Unai


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