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23/07 Poranguí LIVE

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Chakaruna World Bridging Tour: 

A Journey of Sound, Movement, and Spirit

Dear Familia,

Prepare to embark on a transcendent journey with the world-renowned musician, healer, and educator Poranguí, as he graces IbIza, on the 23th of July in our Natural Amphitheatre.

Accompanied by the visionary co-facilitator Ashley Klein, they extend an invitation to an embodied experience that seamlessly bridges the seen and unseen worlds. 

The evening opens with an interactive opportunity for the audience to open their voice and sing together activating the space as a coherent container.  

Poranguí’s live improvised performances, enriched with captivating visual projections, promise an unparalleled journey that leaves us more whole, alive, and deeply connected.

The Chakaruna World Bridging Tour draws its inspiration from the ancient Quechua concept of "Chakaruna," meaning World Bridger. "Chaka" represents the Bridge, while "Runa" symbolizes the People, together reflecting the sacred duty of forging connections between the tangible and the intangible, the Earth and the Spirit, the individual and the collective. Through this tour, Poranguí invites us to step into our own roles as Chakarunas, intricately weaving our spirits into the vibrant tapestry of life and synchronizing with the pulsating heartbeat of the Earth.  

Join us for a soul-stirring celebration of interconnectedness and awakening. The Chakaruna World Bridging Tour is not merely a series of performances; it is a gateway to a more profound sense of being, a dance across the bridge of worlds that unites us in rhythm, harmony, and shared humanity.

Door Time : 8 PM

Location : Amphitheatre 

Food Stands : Will be available 

Bring your own CUP

Much Love 

Tierra IRIS 🌈



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